Bem vindos!

Capoeira is a unique form of martial arts, created over 500 years ago in Brazil.  Capoeira incorporates dance, acrobatics, martial arts, and music.  Students of Capoeira play within in a circle (or "roda"). They take turns either sparring, playing instruments or singing and clapping as part of the roda.  Playing capoeira involves fluid acrobatic moves, leg sweeps, kicks, takedowns, and many other very tactifully executed moves.
Capoeira Menino Bom San Diego offers classes in Chula Vista, CA that strengthen and tone your entire body, and get your adrenalin pumping!  Capoeira is a great form of self defense.  It builds strong confidence, strength, flexibility and balance.
You use your mind, body, and soul to play capoeira.  Capoeira is a beautiful and captivating martial art for men, women, and children of all ages.


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